Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Love swing

I'm learning how to work with canvas using acrylic... So I tried a painting on a foam board which turned out well I guess...

Things needed

Acrylic paint
Foam board

Collage display


I really was interested to decorate my home with some wall decor stickers. When I was surfing I thought why can't we try to make instead of buying... So I gave a few try. I'm happy to share with u friends

Things needed

Scissors, black chart, cello tape, pencil.

I drew some birds, tree, leaves and squirrels and cut them into pieces. Then I aligned it like how it looked in the model that I had.   This is the result and I'm so happy of how it turned out... Hope you all will like it.....

Hi friends,

After a long time I'm happy to post my new artwork .... I tried few of them and I'm happy to share with you and I always value your comments ...

I tried bottle painting which is very  new for me... This is my first one and sure it will lack perfection...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Cute Drawings :)

Hi Friends,

I have a kid in my neighbor. Her name is Jeethu.... she is really cute and good in drawing... She gifted me some drawings and i'm sharing that to you. :)

Cute isn't it :).  please post your valuable comments and do please follow me :)

Nail Designs :)

I have tried some more nail art . I dont have any tools to make a perfect nail art. So it's a try, hope you like it :)

Illusion Drawing - First try :)

This is an illusion drawing ... a small try....

 I hope you liked it.... Please post your valuable comments so that i can improve myself :)

Clay Pregnant Lady

Hi Friends,
It's a small try :) forgive me if it is not looking like a pregnant lady....

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