Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cute small sparrows and Flowers

This is painting with cute little sparrows and nice colorful flowers done with water color painting.

Simple pencil sketch and water color creates a beautiful art...

Love Birds

This is my favourite paintings....

Cute little sparrows enjoying their spring.....

A Cute Baby in a Frame

Hey Friends i really love babies....

So wished to draw one and i have tried here and made it a frame....

I just drew an outline with a pencil and then colored it with water colors. Then just sticked it to a cardboard.

Then took another little piece of cardboard and sticked to its back for support.
That's it a beautiful frame is ready.

I used some glitters to make it more beautiful.

Greeting Cards to my friend

This is the greeting card i have prepared for my friend's second anniversary....

In this greeting the front side i have painted with water color.

The inner side i have used clay to decorate it.

Flower with romantic love birds

This is completely done with water colors...

I have used some glitters to make it much more better and professional...

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hi Dear Friends,

This painting is created with water color and glitters.

I have sketched this painting initially with pencil and then have painted with the water colors.
template by flower brushes by for Preethiyin Kai Vannam